Leading the way with energy efficient colocation data centers in North America.
We help international miners enter the North American data market safely, securely, and economically.

TSE provides a one-stop data hosting solution that will ensure the mining equipment’s safety, stability, and efficiency. Coupled with advanced blockchain interactive processing calculation methods, we provide flexible solutions for our worldwide clientele.


What we offer

Stable, uninterrupted power supplies

All our data centers mine efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner. Generated through 100% self-owned facilities using renewable green sources, we are able to streamline our operations, offering the most competitive pricing.


Top-class operations and maintenance

With a computing power compliance rate that exceeds industry standards, TSE proudly guarantees an average equipment uptime of 99% per annum. Our rotating shift pattern consists of three teams with three 8-hour shifts to provide 24/7 coverage. We commit to every clientele with the promise of a rapid response rate within 1-hour. The 24/7 safety of your business is ensured, regardless of any circumstances.

Self-owned colocation data center

To further enhance the uptime and flexibility of every client’s equipment, each TSE data center has a self-funded equipment portion, up to 50%. The self-funded machines ensure that the priority of the client’s power supply comes first – if there is a power outage, the customer pieces will always be the last to be turned off and first to be reconnected.

Friendly to international miners

TSE is familiar with cross-border logistics and customs clearance processes. We provide assistance for company registration with the local authority, tax planning, and legal consulting services.  We are here to help international miners (especially Chinese miners) enter the North American data market safely, securely and economically.



Alberta, CA
British Columbia, CA
Saskatchewan, CA
Manitoba, CA
Texas, US
North Dakota, US

Stable business environment

The existing colocation data centers are located in various cities in Canada and the United States. Where the excellent weather, inexpensive electricity prices, low crime rates, and friendly tax range provides a stable business environment, with reduced economic and political risk, as well as decreased infrastructure and labor costs. 

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