A trusted team with strong experience in the North American market

Top Speed Energy is at the vanguard of advancing the global development of LNG virtual pipelines. Demonstrating a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, the company persistently endeavors to explore and implement cleaner, more cost-effective fuel and power alternatives, thereby contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

Top Speed Energy stands as a formidable entity within the North American data hosting market. With substantial investments in and operations of numerous data centers, the company excels in offering a suite of services that encompasses power supply, colocation, and comprehensive maintenance services.

TSE's management team, distinguished by their extensive experience in data centers, technology, and business development, forms the cornerstone of the company's success and growth.

Ronan Xu

  • Founding partner and executive partner of China Everbright Ruihua Opportunities Fund.
  • Former executive director of China Everbright Limited, responsible for the direct equity investment business.
  • Has more than 17 years of investment banking and private equity investment experience.
  • Retain an extensive client network, including investment banks, government resources, investment companies, etc. With a deep understanding and rich investment experience, his investment area covers new energy, advanced manufacturing and retail industries.

Dr. David Pang

  • Previously held a position at ENN as the CTO
  • One of the Enric Founders and has led the development of the first ssLNG project in China
  • Over decades of natural gas, utility, and power generation experience

Michael Wang

  • Has over 9 years of investment banking and private equity experience
  • Equipped with skill sets such as aggregation of deals and capital raises, with previous return volume that exceeded CAD $300Million in healthcare, real estate, energy and the consumer sector.

Jerry Cui

  • Previously held a position at BTIC as the deputy general manager
  • Over 10 years of experience in cryogenic equipment and downstream development
  • Led BTCE to achieve 50% global market share

Jack Su

  • Previously employed with China National Petroleum & Natural Gas Co. Ltd., responsible for several overseas unconventional oil and gas projects
  • Has accumulated rich experience in pre-planning, project construction and operation management in the energy industry

Henry Liu

  • Previously served as the Chief Representative of China Energy Reserve & Chemicals Group Canada Ltd., responsible for the Canadian LNG export business
  • Later, founded his own energy service company in Vancouver BC and exported 752,000 cubic meters of natural gas in 2018, accounting for 63% of Canada's total exports that year.
  • From 2019, served as the CEO of Top Speed Energy BC Corp. and was in charge of TSE's LNG export business.
Company Milestones

May 2019

  • TSE is officially incorporated in Vancouver, BC.

June 2019

  • TSE entered into a partnership with FortisBC and became one of their loyal partners.

February 2020

  • TSE Vancouver head office was officially opened

May 2020

  • TSE achieved 1,000 tank loads with safe logistic operations. At this time, TSE became the owner of the largest tank fleet in North America and the leader in the LNG export industry.
  • TSE’s United States branch was established

June 2020

  • TSE’s British Columbia branch was established in Delta, BC.

July 2020

  • TSE won the bids for two pipeline projects from Pacific Northern Gas Ltd (PNG), marking the completion of the preliminary preparations for the construction of both of TSE's liquefaction plants

September 2020

  • TSE signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Port Group and CNOOC, pursuing a joint effort to develop the Southeast Asian LNG market.

June 2021

  • Official commencement of data colocation businesses in Canada and the US

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